Tuesday May 21, 2019
Bank's guarantee of safest remittance,
You can send money from home over the phone or Internet,
Better exchange rate; Comparatively lower commission
Real-time Instant Cash - beneficiary may withdraw money minutes after the transaction is processed!
Choose the suitable way to remit
Sender may pay Cash Over the Counter (OTC)
Account Transfer
Your presence is not necessary!
Sender may deposit to SFSL bank account to remit the amount
Registered customers can send money over the phone or internet
Choose the convenient way to withdraw
Real Time Instant Cash Withdrawl
Cash Withdrawl from Greater Sylhet Area
Cash Withdrawl using Mobile Service.
Cash Withdrawl directly from ATM Cash Machines.
bKash, My Remit Card, BEFTN Services are Available
Office Time
Terms and Conditions
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11 May, 2013
sebl launched my remit card

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